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Realtors Migrating to UrbanImmersive Platform

Buying and/or selling a property is arguable going to be the biggest financial transaction Canadians will ever have to make.  Traditionally, this potentially stressful situation has included multiple head-scratching decisions for both the homeowner/building owner and the real estate agent that represents you.

Thanks to the company mentioned below, real estate agents can now source out vetted services required to list and sell your property through an online digital marketplace.

Urbanimmersive Inc. is listed on the TSX Venture under the symbol “UI” and on the OTC Pinks as “UBMRF”.

They’re a digital media company tailored towards the Real Estate market, where they have developed a platform designed to increase revenues and productivity.

Real estate agents (with one click) can now book everything through UrbanImmersive’s digital platform.

Photography Services

Pictures of your home need to be done professionally, done yesterday, and at a competitive rate.  As fast as you can jump onto Expedia and book a cheap Mexico vacation, realtors can log into UrbanImmersive’s marketplace and select their background-checked visual creators, for trusted reliable content.

As the market gets more creative every day, here is a list of imagery services property owners may request:

  • Real Estate Photography
  • Real Estate Video
  • Virtual Tours
  • Aerial Photography
  • 3D Drawings

Written Content Solutions

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” but it’s also important the words below the pictures don’t read like a bad Craigslist Ad.  The same platform connects Realtors with the people who make things sounds amazing!  It is “the simplest and most effective way to buy real estate pre-written blog content, on-demand writing, proofreading and translation services.”

I can only speculate that the platform will grow and host many other services in the future (for example: building inspections, lawyers, landscaping, renovations, etc)



Key Investment Information:

  • Currently $12 Million Market cap
  • 48,000,000 shares outstanding
  • $1,000,000 Cash in the treasury
  • ~40% Insider Ownership
  • $50k monthly burn rate

UrbanImmersive makes the connection through their platform and takes a commission on each sale.  It’s difficult to estimate how much revenue one user could generate due to varying salaries, so I have looked at a few different Industry stats.

  • 1.5 Million realtor agents spend an estimated total $32 Billion/year on marketing
  • Agents can spend minimum 10% – 15% of their Salary on marketing
  • Top Agents spend $7500/year on marketing

I don’t see revenue generation being a problem if the platform is well adopted.

So let’s talk about the “adoption” process.

Urbanimmersive announced in 2016 that they signed a five-year strategic agreement with Centris.  Very soon, 13,000 Centris users will adopt and use the UrbanImmersive platform named “Centris Marketplace.” The important thing that I should mention is that UrbanImmersive has exclusive use to upload content to Centris’ Marketplace.  A key benefit of implementing this real-time, fully automated platform is its superior performance over administrative intensive manual processing.

I think it’s appropriate to say that UrbanImmersive may see profitability in 2017.

We at look forward to following the story.

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Written by Joe Bleackley
Founder, Venture Recon

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