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Bridging the gap in connectivity

Bridging the gap in connectivity – NuRAN Wireless

Although fiber optic cable is still being used and currently a rush is on by some service providers to get their next big thing in place, it is an eventuality that wireless is the way of the future, some would agree that it is the present.  If there is a company that provides the missing link to accessibility, the gap between the now and when, it is possible Canadian based NuRAN Wireless has those answers.  A supplier of mobile and broadband wireless products and solutions, NuRANs ideal of “reaching everyone, everywhere” may be right around the corner.

6 Month Chart NuRAN Wireless

Trading on the CSE under the symbol NUR, the company has cleared numerous hurdles to place itself in a unique position.  With a market cap of almost 29 million and roughly 107million shares outstanding, gaining a foothold on their target markets will paint a bright future for NuRAN.  Wireless need will be what garners success for NuRAN and their focus on rural connectivity for dwellings, offshore platforms, ocean liners or private mobile networks could get them to that point.  To achieve this kind of success, NuRAN puts forth two goals: bring “mobile and broadband connectivity to emerging markets” and pursuit of a research and development environment to create “next generation wireless technologies.”


Timely if anything, it was announced this past Monday, as this article was being prepped, that Nuran received a $1.25 million order for its LiteCell 1.5 base station product for a “Tier One operator in Nigeria.”  This followed the February 23rd announcement that their GSM LiteRAN 2G product was chosen by a wholesale operator for “an initial deployment in Nigeria.”  It appears the operator liked the product and the solution.  The release from Monday further reads, “Nigeria has the largest rural population in Africa with over 95 million people living in these remote and rural areas. The mobile phone penetration rate is at 81% and mostly within the urban region. With NuRAN’s solution, the Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and/or their wholesale partners now have an alternative to bring connectivity to these underserved areas.”   A concern for an investor maybe that targeting hard to reach places may prove difficult given the economics of these rural areas, however, the company states that their LiteCell 1.5 product “breaks this barrier by providing an economical and viable solution.”  Placing these results in context is important for investors moving forward as we see more and more countries beginning to develop their resources in remote areas.  These areas will require connectivity and NuRAN believes they have the technical and economical solution moving forward.   “The overall market opportunity for rural and remote connectivity is in the billions of dollars. NuRAN has already established itself as the market leader with installs in 5 continents including Africa, South America, North America, the Middle East and Asia.”

NuRAN Wireless product

With these events in the present and a productive history to this point, the remainder of 2017 should be interesting for NuRAN Wireless.  In their March 31st, 2017 news release the company did hint that important contracts were to be expected and that their devices that are in the field have succeeded expectations.  Although the company reported a quarterly loss, it was attributed to anticipated “extraordinary expenses related to financial fees with respect to the final tranche of the private placement of 2016 and an increase in sales and marketing expenses.”  An understandable financial burden that is a necessary evil and it looks by the most recent announcement to have paid off.  With numerous “buy” recommendations from advisors, NuRAN Wireless deserves closer scrutiny as it is priced right at $.27, large expenses behind them and contracts reportedly on the way in 2017.


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