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Lite Access Signs Agreement with Carillion Telent to Support Openreach (BT)
FTTP Rollout in Wales

LITE ACCESS TECHNOLOGIES INC. a world leader in fibre optic products and advanced installation
methodologies, is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with Carillion telent to help support and
deliver Openreach Superfast Cymru fibre rollout in Wales. Openreach is a functional division of
telecommunications company BT Group (“BT”) and services, supports and maintains the wiring, fibres, and
connections which link millions of homes and businesses throughout the UK to their communication
providers’ networks.

Carillion telent is one of the United Kingdom’s leading network installation businesses and Openreach’s main
delivery partner for the management, maintenance and upgrading of BT’s fibre broadband network. Carillion
is dedicated to providing and transforming the way support is delivered to Openreach and has been
engaging directly with the sub contractors who provide the service to carry out the civils work. Carillion
telent has rationalised Openreach’s supply chain, from five regional suppliers to Carillion telent as the single
national service provider.

Following Lite Access’ successful involvement and proven ability to meet and exceed project requirements
on a fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) network installation project for a major UK telecom service provider in
Wrexham (see press release dated October 19, 2017), the Company was asked to ramp up and provide
additional teams to carry out similar works for Carillion telent working on behalf of Openreach. The scope of
work primarily encompasses Lite Access’ innovative FTTP installation as part of Carillion telent’s £1.5 billion
engineer deal with Openreach (BT) for England and Wales announced in February 2017 and will also allow
Lite Access to diversify into and demonstrate the Company’s expertise in all aspects of telecoms work

“We look forward to working with Carillion telent to support Openreach in delivering its objectives for further
enhancing the services it provides for its customers,” stated Mike Plotnikoff , CEO of Lite Access. “The UK
is a critical market for Lite Access and our strategic partnership with Carillion telent is a transformational
event for our Company.”

Mr. Plotnikoff continued, “This is further affirmation of our operational accomplishments with yet another
prime contractor in the UK harnessing our world leading fibre installation methodologies. We have just
scratched the surface of the opportunity in the UK and I’m confident in our market leading technology to
successfully unlock the next chapter of growth for Lite Access.”

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