Clean Commodities Corp. Announces Strategic Review – $CLE

Clean Commodities Corp. (TSX: CLE)  advises that it intends to conduct a strategic review with a goal to maximize value for shareholders.

The Corporation believes that current market conditions surrounding the Corporation’s listed securities do not adequately reflect the working capital and mining project portfolio of the Corporation. Consequently, Clean Commodities shall be initiating a strategic review process to examine potential opportunities to address same.

The Strategic Review shall examine a variety of potential mechanisms that may add shareholder value, including, but not limited to: a) the sale of the Corporation; b) the sale of assets held by the Corporation; c) alteration to the Corporation’s traded exchange; d) a share re-purchase program; e) a change in the underlying nature of the Corporation’s business; and/or f) the division of the Corporation’s working capital and asset base into multiple entities.

The Corporation cautions that the Strategic Review may not result in any change to the operations or existing nature of Clean Commodities nor market-based valuation thereof. The Corporation confirms that the Strategic Review announced herein is not a byproduct of any pre-existing expressions of interest by third-parties.

The Corporation further advises that it may engage external advisors with respect to the Strategic Review.

Clean Commodities shall keep its shareholders apprised of any potential developments arising from the Strategic Review in due course.

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